UML Sculptor is a UML diagram editor. This early version has limitations and some known bugs (and some unknown bugs :-). It can be used to edit small UML diagrams and we hope that it will evolve into a more powerful and useful application.

You can see some screenshots of the current version on the screenshots page.

To see what's in plans for UML Sculptor in the future, check out the Revision Plan. You are welcome to add your suggestions for features on the feature request page.

Current features:

- edit UML class diagrams
    - classifiers (classes, interfaces with stereotypes)
    - packages
    - notes
    - relationships (generalization, realization, associations, dependencies)
- EMF clipboard export
- print/print preview
- intuitive visual editing

Some limitations of the current version:

- support only UML class diagrams
- doesn't have Undo/Redo
- poor printing support (but you can use EMF clipboard transfer)
- some UI elements are not functional

Please report bugs, and contact us if you have suggestions/ideas! UML Sculptor is under GPL and if you want to contribute you are welcome!

Thank you,
Sasa Djolic and Leonard Mosescu.